Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Blog Candy Time!!

Head on over to Paper Popsicles blog to win this wonderful lot of scrappy goodness!!

You have until midnight July 19th to enter!
Their blog candy is the best!!

While you're over there, check out the store! :0)

Friday, June 26, 2009


I can't believe it's been so long since I updated this thing! (Actually, I can. But doesn't it sound better to say I can't?! lol)

Anywho, my hubster's 2 weeks R&R has come and gone quickly. We didn't do anything spectacular while he was home. There are no pictures to interesting stories. We just spent a lot of time hanging out around the house, and he worked on the landscaping and such in the backyard. The young people loved spending time with him outside! Sadly, he won't be back for a long spring of next year. :0( Blah! It makes it better and a bit easier because we have every day phone and internet access. So, we can all see each other pretty much when we want.

On to some scrappy news....Christine is selling Tally Scrapper. But it's for very good reason. She is moving forward with another dream and will be working at the police department as a public safety officer! I love her and am proud of her! I am also so very thankful for being a part of her Tally dream and for being part of such a wonderful group of women (and a few guys)!! Thank you, Christine!! (Oh, and no worries...someone is taking over. So, Tally won't be gone...just changed.)

Well, as you know, I've been in a horrible creative dry spell. Guess what?? I think I am slowly starting to come out of it! :0) (That or I'm finding I have smaller boundaries and limits...which is fine too.) Whatever the deal, I've been scrapping!! Whoop-whoop!! I've gotten most of my inspiration from Paper Popsicles. :0) The ladies over there offer a sketch challenge and a 4 week theme challenge every month. There is also a card sketch challenge every week on the blog! Oh...and don't forget the swaps that are going on! Head on over and check it out! If you can't find even a little insiration there, it's time to see a creative therapist! lol
Without further ado, the few things I've been working on.....

For part of the theme challenge.

For one of the card sketches.

For the June Sketch Challenge.

For the blog card sketch challenge for this week.

For the recent card swap.

This is the 6x6 cover I did for my Texas Tally Rally album.

I have some more to say, but everyone is up and running for the day. I'll catch-up again later!! Ciao!

Friday, June 5, 2009


The cause of all this awfulness that I've been dealing with medically. Hashimoto's Disease. I have every symptom...and my bloodwork came back positive. Only problem is that my bloodwork is so confusing. (I won't worry you all yet.) I got a referall to the endocrinologist. So....hopefully I'll be feeling better soon and start losing this weight!

Hubsters comes home this afternoon for his 2 weeks R&R!! So, I'll be MIA for a little while. :0)