Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been tagged!!

Christine tagged me!! So, I'm supposed to look in my 6th picture folder and pick the 6th picture. Then post it. So, I plugged in my external, and here's the picture...

We bought my mother a "Husband in a Box" for her birthday last year as a joke. She left it here when she left. So, JR decided to use it as a punching bag. He had so much fun "dropping the elbow" and wrestling with it. LOL

So, I guess I am supposed to tag 6 that I'm writing this, it seems pretty freaky that we are doing 6-6-6!! And, honestly, I don't know what 6 people to tag. For now I'm not going to tag anyone. I might come back to do so...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Hot Damn!! And Some Snow!!

So, I've been holding a lot of my scrappy buys and love in "jail" over at Tally. I finally had the money to free them and have them sent to me. Well, I got my Tally box (despite the bad weather) on Tuesday. Here are some pictures...try not to get too jealous! :0)

The 3 groups at the top of the first picture are all kits from Tally. The middle HoHoHo 2 Kit is sold out, but the other 2 are still available. Autumnal Inspiration (picture 2) and Playmate (picture 4). They are awesome!!

In other news, I am working on 8 Valentine's cards for a swap and a challenge (that I have use blue, "Today" and ribbon for) over at Paper Popsicles. I'll post pictures when I'm finished with them.

Speaking of challenges, there's a new one on The Paper Crate blog!! Check it out!

We got snow here in the Jacksonhell!! Snow in hell?? lol School was cancelled on Monday night for Tuesday. So, of course, the young people woke-up wanting to know where the snow was...well, it came later that day. Of course, they wanted to play in it! (We aren't prepared for snow here at my house. So, please excuse their outfits! lol) School was cancelled yesterday, too...but by then, the snow was melting and replacing itself with patches of ice. Here are a few pictures of the snow that shut down 3 entire Marine Corps Bases/Airstations and the town....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guess What I Bought Today???

This kit from Tally!!! Naner-naner-naner!! There are still some left if you're jealous and want to get one of your own!! I was going to upload the picture, but I think Christine's video does it much more justice!!

And, HELLO?!, it's only $20.99!!! (Thank the Lord for having money to buy it this time!)

Hmmmm, I went to my second physical therapy session today. Let me just say "ouch!".

Today was a rough one for me. I cried this morning when I woke-up to a quiet house. I cried when Matt called. I cried when the young people left for school. I cried all kinds. When I think about Matthew, and how long he's going to be away from our family, I get a huge lump in my throat...a knot in my stomach...I feel like I can't breathe...yep, the anxiety attacks are back in full swing. Hell, I'm crying as I write this. (Don't worry. I'm not crying in front of the half-pints.) One day at a time.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hellllooooo!! :0)

I figured I needed to get an update posted before everyone began to think I was stuck in the dumps! I'm doing MUCH better. In fact, I'm doing really well. I've been making a few life changes and working on some small scrappy things. Trying to keep busy.

Here are the few things I've done that are scrap related recently....

This is my take on our Art Journal prompt for this month over at Tally. "Action"

Rachel will be giving everyone prompts twice a month for the next year....based on the alphabet. She's got a blog that explains it all. If you wanna play along, click here!

Next in line is the cover for my Tally Month in Review Challenge. This is being hosted by Shirley. "The idea is to take photos throughout the month and at the end of the month scrap a layout(s) that documents the events, thoughts, and/or feelings from that month."

Here are a few more things I've done...

I am still the Guest DT over at The Paper Crate! If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. It isn't a very big blog yet, but it sure is a great one! There is new inspiration up if you wanna give it a go!

I "tried out" for the Guest DT spot over at Paper Popsicles for March and April. That place has become another scrappy home for me. I don't say that lightly. Tally has set bar as far as online scrapping communities goes. I have checked out tons of other sites, and there are only two others that have kept my interest....Paper Popsicles is one of them!! I really hope I make the Guest DT spot there, but if I don't, I'll try again.

Well, peeps, I hope everyone is having a great year so far! Take care and much love until my next bloggity blog update!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Until We Meet Again

Matthew left yesterday for a 12 to 18 month deployment. We had to be at HQ at 9:30, but he didn't get on the bus until 11:30. We stayed with him until a few minutes before he left. I wanted to get out of there before the rest of the crowd...and I didn't want to have a major melt-down in front of hundreds of strangers. I did pretty well until he put on his sunglasses. He was crying. Joshua didn't really understand, but he kept kissing Matt's face and patting his cheek. Yep, it got me! The young people did better than me! Although, last night I had three criers at bed time. Which, of course, got me going for a bit. I talked to him for a few minutes when he got to Cherry Point. He texted me as they were taking off. He was about an hour away until 6:36 last night, and we couldn't be with him. I understand why, but it still sucks. I am waiting for his call or something to let me know they made it to Kuwait. Here are a few pictures. Joshua did not want to be in any of them!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

There is a new DT over at TallyScrapper! I think these ladies are totally gonna rock the casbah! lol Their first Cyber Crop is going to be the weekend of January 8th. You should come by and have some fun!!

I haven't been doing much scrapping lately. But, I got some mojo back last night to make a party hat for Pink Paislee's party hat challenge. Here it is...

Hope everyone had a nice holiday!