Monday, December 29, 2008

Wanted: Zoloft and Peach Bellinis

Or anything else that will take the edge off!! This is a self pity-party. So, you have been warned.

As probably everyone knows by now, Matthew is leaving for 12 to 18 months. Well, we got the call yesterday that he leaves Monday at 11:30. I bawled like a sissy girl most of the day. I'm not sure why this build up to deployment has been so rough on me. We never get along. We haven't really spent any time by ourselves. It's just been a really depressing few months for me....and he hasn't even left yet. No, this isn't our first deployment. Nor is it our first deployment for this long. But, it's sucking the life out of me. I am hoping that once a month or so passes, I'll find my strength again....that's how it usually happens. Right now, though, I'm content with being a slug! Well, maybe not content. I want to be strong for the kiddos. I know they are all hurting in their own ways, too. head is just spinning!!! I'm not in a good place right now. Thus the reason I've been MIA in so many parts of my life.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Paper Crate Kit Work and a Pop-up Card

So, I logged onto Tally one day and see this really cute bow that had been uploaded by Laurajean. She is going to do a tutorial, but I couldn't wait. So, I found some directions online. Here's my creation with Crate Paper out of the Paper Crate kit.

Also, on Tally right now, there is a pop-up card challenge. This is my creation.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh My Goodness!!!

Look 3 posts down....yeah, down there...See that frickin' awesome kit?! Well, guess what?! I GOT ONE!!!! I GOT ONE!!! I'm still trying not to throw-up from the excitement. :0) Thank-you Christine!! Ahhhhh!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Here!!

I got my kit from The Paper Crate today!! It's awesome! It is filled with all kinds of Crate Paper goodness! I already have a few ideas as to what I am going to create with it, just need to get the pictures.

Here it is...

If you like it as much as I do, head over to The Paper Crate!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Check This Out!!

Christmas is right around the corner. And, if I had money, I'd buy myself one of November's kits from TallyScrapper!! I'm assuming that a lot of other people are just as broke as I am this holiday season because there are still some of these kits available!! It's awesome...seriously! Look!!

So Santa, if you're reading my blog, please leave one of these under my tree! :0)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It has been announced!!

I am officially the first Guest DT member ever at The Paper Crate!! I should be getting my kit within the next 2 days, and I can't wait to start creating with it. I have been saving pictures just to use with it! lol

I'm in There!!!

In this issue of SNR!!! Click HERE to see it! I am so excited!! My first publication ever!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Few Short Updates

I guess I should add to my last post that I am the FIRST Guest DT over at The Paper Crate!! They haven't announced it yet, but I wasn't told that I couldn't blab about it. :0)

Next bit of good news, I had a LO accepted for publication over at SNR!!! Whoop-whoop! I had forgotten I had even submitted to them back in October. Not sure when it will be in there yet. They will be sending me another e-mail letting me know the details soon.

Now a bit of bad news....hubsters was told they will probably be extended when he gets deployed. So, now he will be gone for 16-18 months. :0( I'm still hoping for change....seeing as how it changes so much already. We start our pre-deployment classes Tuesday night. I've done them before, but it doesn't hurt to have a refresher course.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Guess What???

I got a Guest DT spot at The Paper Crate!!! :0) I am all smiles over here. I can't wait to get the kit and start creating with it! You should stop over and check them out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It snowed here!!

It fell hard for a few minutes. Then it was gone!

The doctor says....

....Bronchitis and, possibly, strep!! They did an EKG and chest x-rays....came out good. They gave me an inhaler, Mucinex, Ibuprophen, and some other med for a cough. No antibiotic?? At any rate, if I don't start feeling better in a couple of days, I need to go back. Fun times!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Word of the Day is....

Main Entry: sick
Pronunciation: \ˈsik\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English sek, sik, from Old English sēoc; akin to Old High German sioh sick
Date: before 12th century
1 a (1): affected with disease or ill health : ailing

That is me since before Halloween!! I woke up this morning feeling much better. As the day wears on, I find myself feeling worse. My fever is back...100.5. This horrible cough just won't quit. And I feel like a hurting mass of gelatin. I think I am going to drag myself to the ER tonight after hubsters and my brother get home. I can't keep feeling this way. I have too much to do.

Well, I'm off to pick up JR from school. I was feeling ok enough to take him, but I need to pick him up way I can drive to Taylor and Caleb's in and check hem to JR's school...and then drive home. So, I'll get him early and be home before the other 2 get home. (Traven will be here any minute...too bad he's not old enough to drive!)

Hope all is well with my online buddies! I'm not sure if I'll get to Survivor this time around. :0(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 7 Survivor at TallyScrapper

There it is ladies and gentleman. :0)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two in One day!!

So, I have been taking a break from my favorite scrappy place, TallyScrapper. (I'm dealing with these mental demons and needed to cut back on some things.) However, I've still been doing the Survivor challenges. This is the one I did for last week's...

and the one from the week before...

I really enjoy doing these challenges. They make me think!! lol


The idea for this post! lol I was checking out Rachel's blog, and decided I would post a few of my fave blog things! :0) I haven't updated for a while, and this gave me a boost.

You Are the Sense of Sound

You love to talk, but you also love to listen.

You are simply a natural conversationalist.

You can have a deep conversation that lasts for hours and come out of it feeling energized.

You have a good ear for foreign languages and accents of all sorts.

You can imitate people quite well.

You also are a huge lover of music. You probably love music more than most people you know.

Your Personality Cluster is Extraverted Intuition

You are:

You are a true wordsmith and a master of words.

You are original, spontaneous, and a true inspiration.

Highly energetic, you are up for any challenge.

You are entertaining and engaging... both to friends and strangers

There Are 2 Gaps in Your Knowledge

Where you have gaps in your knowledge:



Where you don't have gaps in your knowledge:






You Are The Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.

People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All Kinds of News!!

First, my baby rother is home from Iraq!! He got back on Saturday. I am so proud of him!

Next, the October kit is available on Tally today!!! It was designed by Staci unbelievably talented woman!! Check it out and buy one fast....they'll be gone before you know it!!

I've managed to complete 2 more Survivor challenges over at Tally. (BTW, my girl got booted last week!!)

My first 2-pager ever!!

Some depressing hubsters departing date has been moved up to the 30th of December!! Not sure how I'm feeling about this right now.

Well, that's all folks! :0)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do You See What I See??

I have not posted since the 26th of August!! Figured I'd better get on here and update some my (if I may say so myself) totally frickin' awesome blog header that I made a Scrapblog!! Whoop-whoop! lol

Well, hmmmm, nothing much has changed since the 26th of August...same 'ole, same 'ole. Still haven't been in much of a creating mood, though I have managed to get a few things done....

This was for the first Survivor challenge over at my fave place, Tally Scrapper.
I've done a few more things, but I won't bore you with picture after picture. You can just check out my wonderfullness over at Tally!!

Not much else to say as of right now. So, with this very short update, I leave you to enjoy your day/night/morning!! :0) Have a good one!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Little Catching Up

Hmmmm...first day of school today for 3 of 4. They all seemed to like it! Poor Taylor got teases by her teacher for thinking she is mean! Traven has a nutty teacher. Caleb thinks the bus driver is "pretty horrible"! Other than that, no complaints. :0) I did get a picture of each as they were heading out the door, but they are on hubsters camera still. So, I'll post them later.

Found 4 kittens under my porch Friday evening. Managed to catch them all. Caught mama...what a bitch...yesterday evening. They are cute as hell, but we aren't fond of cats. I am trying to find someone/somewhere to take them where they won't be put down. No luck so far, and the mama is very wild!

Rant time. I am glad that a lot of people in my life feel that I am the best person to go to during one of life's crisis. I am glad that they think that I can help. However, I have more on my plate right now than I can choke down, and it's all starting to come back up!! I am only one person. I have things that I need/want to do for me and my young people and my house. Sometimes I just need to breathe. Everyone seems to need me right now....I have been playing therapist/doctor/go-between/shoulder-to-cry-on/bitch filer pretty much constantly. It is starting to not only make me mentally tired, but physically as well.

Scrapping?! What's that?? I think I have forgotten what most of my scrap stuff looks like. It sucks! I want to be creative. I want to be artsy. Just too much other stuff going on.

My baby starts pre-k next Tuesday! :0( As if it's not hard enough to deal with, he actually likes it and wants to go!!! WTH?! lol He's growing up so fast!

My hubsters has been home for almost a month now, and he soooo needs to leave again already!! lol He is driving me nuts!!

I guess that's all for now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I want you to know...

Well, I made it to round 2 of the Treasured Hunt over at Treasured Scrapbooking!! I am super happy about that, but sad that a dear friend didn't move on.
We are on our second challenge, and this is my entry...

The journaling says, "I want you to know that when you sing, it makes my heart smile!" Yeah, I know...the pictures suck!! I couldn't get a good picture to save my life! lol

I picked the hubsters up from the airport last night at 11:35pm. He's home for a while before he starts training and range qualifying to get ready for the big year! He's snoring on the sofa as we speak!! lol

As of right now, my hubsters leaving for a year isn't the only big change that will be happenening in my life in the next few months. My "baby" sister joined the Army and is giving me legal guardianship of my soon to be 1 year old niece. She leaves in January for bootcamp...who knows what will follow. Right now I could have her from 8 months to 2 years. So, I will be a single mother to 5 young people soon....ages 1,4,7,10,and 12. I think and hope that it will all turn out just fine!!

So, the SC Tally Rally is coming up in about 2 and 1/2 months!!! Can you say "excited"??!! My hubsters thinks I'm lacking in the brainage He says, "I can understand following sports, but scrapbooking?!" He just doesn't get it!

Anywho, I'm out! Hope everyone is enjoying what's left of summer!! Ciao!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok, I think I just threw-up a litle! 30?! WTH? Where have the last 12 or so years gone? I have been dreading today since last year's birthday. People keep saying,
"30 is the new 20.", "Wait until you're 40.", and lots of other comments like these. Well, you know what? I'm 30, and I hate it!! I woke up miserable, and as the day goes on I feel worse. In fact, I'm trying not to cry right now! Urghhhh...maybe it's just a phase, and I'll get over it? Right now, I don't think so. Growing up sucks ass in so many Laura Jean did make me smile yesterday, though, with my awesome birthday presents.

Taylor made me a card. Traven brought me an ice cold Coke from Summer Leadership. My mother sent Matt and I a gift card for Outback. My baby brother called me from Iraq. I got lots of well wishes! I am very grateful! Really, I am. I'm just too miserable to show it much.

Anywho, as I have mentioned before, I am in the Treasured Hunt '08 over at Treasured Scrapbooking. So, our first challenge was to create a one page LO using felt, scallops, only 1 photo, and journaling that had to start with "Today I". We can't post our creations anywhere but there and our blog until the competition is over or until we get the boot. (whichever comes first) So, here's what I did....

Plain and simple. I took the picture of myself this morning. I hate it, but it's me. Hopefully it will be good enough to get me to the next round. :0)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bad Moods and Scrap Mojo

Do you ever feel like you aren't loved or appreciated or noticed even though the evidence staring you in the face says the complete opposite?? That is how I have been feeling the past few weeks. I haven't the faintest idea as to why?

And, before I get into the good oldest 2 became a big brother and sister again on the 25th. So, their sperm donor comes to pick them up so they can go see their new baby sister. You know they were there for 2 hours and were not allowed to hold the baby!?!? Why? Because their other sister, who is 5, didn't want them to, and she has final say!! WTH?! Also, they spent about 30 minutes in the hallway because their step-mom had to pee, and she didn't want them in the room when she got in and out of bed and while she was in the bathroom. Maybe I just have no shame left in my game, but I was a little pissed by the whole thing.

Ok, ok...done with the bitch fest...

As far as scrap mojo, I feel like I have ZERO!! However, I've been getting lots of points and wonderful comments at Tally (I'm in the top 5 scrappers so far this contest!)...I've got an altered item that is the top in that category...

my card just left the top 8...

I have been the LO of the Week over at Treasured Scrapbooking for 2 weeks now (yeah, yeah...she may be a little too busy to change it, but I'll take

I made their '08 Hunt, as well. :0)

I have been working on some Fancy Pants LOs and stuff. Yes, I think I am going to enter their Creative Team contest! I know it's a shot in the dark, but I'm still excited....just because I feel I'm getting so much better at scrapping! :0)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What have I been up to?

Hmmmm...not too much these days. Lots of cleaning, lots of being bored, lots of being lazy.
I have been watching the neighbors dogs while they're at Disney for a week. Let me tell you, if I had known that one of them was not yet house trained, I wouldn't have offered to keep them. I literally clean at least 5 puddles of puppy pee a day, and I let them out at least 5 times a day! I honestly think I'm getting an allergy to dog gag everytime I have to clean the stuff up! (She's only 4 months old and is bigger than their adult dog)
My oldest 2 young people came home yesterday morning!! :0) The house has been loud and obnoxious since. As much as I dislike loud and obnoxious, I'm glad to have it back.
My hubsters will be home in about 2 weeks...only 2 weeks earlier than he was originally supposed to be home. The MC really sucks ass sometimes!! As of right now, he is still leaving in January for a year. Like I said, the MC really sucks ass sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for everything they provide for us and for what they do....but I need to be angry with someone/something, so they won that spot!
My baby brother is on his last 3 months of his journey to the sandbox. He has handled it much better than I honestly thought he would. He has grown up so much! I am so proud of him! :0)

Ok, ok...enough of the blah-blah-blah...
Here's what I've been creating...

You can see these and all of my other wonderful creations over at TallyScrapper. I love that "place"!! The ladies and gents are wonderful...the talent is amazing...the support is is my home on the net!

I uploaded my first submission to the Prima Sketch contest!!! :0) I hope they like it as much as I do!!

Oh yeah, I can't forget the Jar of Whimsy and inchies!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


So, as some of you know, my hubsters (over there on the right) was supposed to leave around the beginning of January. Well, he was told not too long ago that he would NOT be going....then, tonight he calls and tells me that he was put back on the list and will be home by the end of this month from Cali. :-( I am hoping, that with the indecisivness (did I spell that right?) of the MC, that he'll get taken back off...and I can get back to happy...fat chance, but there is always hope.

In other, happier news, I got some more done with the Tally July kit!! :-)

Inchie ATCs!! Aren't they the cutest things ever...well besides my young people??

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Urrghhh...fevers suck!

So, one of my lovely friends/neighbors, decided to stop over for a visit the other day. I invited her and her young people inside. Well, her 2 (ages 2 and almost 1) and my youngest 2 (the older 2 are at the sperm donors) are running around, playing, having a nice know...touching everything, sticking stuff in their mouths...normal young people stuff for that age. Wellllll, she decides to tell me, like after 15 minutes or so, that her young people have been running fevers for the last 2 days or so...not little ones, 104. What was I supposed to do then? Heck, we were already exposed. At any rate, I ended up having a very last minute 4th of Jult get-together...not planned at all. She brought the young people...still with fevers!! Ok, I like her, but WTH? The point of this long youngest 2 have had fevers since the 5th! We have been cooped up in the house since Saturday, and it has had it's rough spots! lol

At any rate, with all of this time on my hands, I have managed to create a lot of stuff for Tally (you know, I'm a part of the cool crowd over there the DT for July-Sept...WHOOP-WHOOP to me!!) with the awesomely Leah-designed kit!! I've also created some things for the Glitz challenge, and some other stuff. I am actually just running out of scrap-mojo! :-) Well, thanks for reading!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I guess this means I am trying out the blogging world! Not sure how it will go, but at least I can say I tried. :0)

Don't ask where I came up with the name. I'm not exactly sure. I always tell my hubsters that if we get a boat, we are naming it Just a funny little made up word straight from the eclectic mind of me!