Friday, July 11, 2008


So, as some of you know, my hubsters (over there on the right) was supposed to leave around the beginning of January. Well, he was told not too long ago that he would NOT be going....then, tonight he calls and tells me that he was put back on the list and will be home by the end of this month from Cali. :-( I am hoping, that with the indecisivness (did I spell that right?) of the MC, that he'll get taken back off...and I can get back to happy...fat chance, but there is always hope.

In other, happier news, I got some more done with the Tally July kit!! :-)

Inchie ATCs!! Aren't they the cutest things ever...well besides my young people??

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Elizabeth said...

I ran across your blog and I just wanted to thank you and your husband for his service in the MC. The sacrifice is great and not always greatly appreciated... so I wanted to say Thank You!