Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Hot Damn!! And Some Snow!!

So, I've been holding a lot of my scrappy buys and love in "jail" over at Tally. I finally had the money to free them and have them sent to me. Well, I got my Tally box (despite the bad weather) on Tuesday. Here are some pictures...try not to get too jealous! :0)

The 3 groups at the top of the first picture are all kits from Tally. The middle HoHoHo 2 Kit is sold out, but the other 2 are still available. Autumnal Inspiration (picture 2) and Playmate (picture 4). They are awesome!!

In other news, I am working on 8 Valentine's cards for a swap and a challenge (that I have use blue, "Today" and ribbon for) over at Paper Popsicles. I'll post pictures when I'm finished with them.

Speaking of challenges, there's a new one on The Paper Crate blog!! Check it out!

We got snow here in the Jacksonhell!! Snow in hell?? lol School was cancelled on Monday night for Tuesday. So, of course, the young people woke-up wanting to know where the snow was...well, it came later that day. Of course, they wanted to play in it! (We aren't prepared for snow here at my house. So, please excuse their outfits! lol) School was cancelled yesterday, too...but by then, the snow was melting and replacing itself with patches of ice. Here are a few pictures of the snow that shut down 3 entire Marine Corps Bases/Airstations and the town....


JoanneK said...

Holy Moly girl!!! Those kits will keep you busy for a while!!! Have fun! Love your blog by the way!

Laurajean said...

Holy Smokes Nicole....that is some Scrappy stuff....Woohoo, I miss going through our tally boxes together to see what each other got, cuz we always get ;) There will be some Awesomeness coming out of that stuff ;)

latte_grande said...

Wow, my first thought was "Holy shit!" But to say "Holy" anything after your first two comments seems redundant, lol! Your TallyJail must've been busting at the seams! Can't wait to see what you make with all your goodies...I know it will be awesome!!
Oh, and the dusting of snow that caused everything to shut down for days does NOT surprise me....when I lived in Virginia, they let school out early once because it was RAINING. No joke. The South does NOT do bad weather! :)